I am sure I am not alone when I say that I struggle to stay motivated at times. I have a ton going on with owning a company (business development meetings and interviews etc), working on site for a client, and most importantly being a father and a husband. As a result, often times I get burnt out and just lack the motivation to keep going at that pace. So what do you do to combat this? Unfortunately, I don’t have the silver bullet for this one. I have however found a few things that have helped me to battle this issue but would also be interested to hear what others do as well.

For starters I find that when I begin to feel burnt out that I just need to find some time for myself to get away from it all. For me this means a long weekend away with my family, playing a round of golf, or even taking a break from reading and responding to emails every night to just read a book. I find that after doing this I can get my mind back on the task at hand.

Another way to combat motivation issues for me is to ask for help. This has been an extremely difficult thing for me to do but I am getting better at it. As a business owner I have my own ways of wanting to see things done but have come to realize that my way isn’t the only way and that I am actually killing two birds with one stone when asking someone to help me with things. I am giving someone else an opportunity to get more involved while also giving myself a break.

The final thing that I think helps with motivational issues is to celebrate your successes. Often times we just expect to succeed and as a result we take for granted a lot of the things that we succeed at. By not rewarding ourselves for these successes we get in a routine of expecting them to happen and then the times that they don’t, we beat ourselves up even more over them and that definitely doesn’t help to motivate.

The moral of the story here is that we all have a lot going on in our lives and there will always be times where we are more motivated than others to get things done. Nothing feels better than those times when you are truly motivated to get things done. Even think about the time you start cleaning and before you know it you are 3 hours into it and cleaning something you never planned on cleaning just because you got motivated. The same happens with our jobs. The key in my opinion is to find the things that brings out this motivation in you and use it to create success.