March Madness

Today marks one of my favorite times of the year. The first day of March Madness. It kicks off with a full day (and night) and basketball games that brings productivity to a screeching halt as people spend most of their days looking at scores and seeing how the latest upset has ruined their bracket in the office pool. Since I know everyone is doing it anyway, we decided a few years ago to jump in and make it a fun corporate event. This marks the third annual integrateIT March Madness Pool where our staff all fills out brackets with what little basketball knowledge we have and play for ourselves but more importantly for charities as well.

This has turned into a really fun event that we put on each year because it let’s our staff play for bragging rights and do a little trash talking but it also allows us to get some exposure for some great charities that mean a lot to the people that work for integrateIT. The pool is simple (and is free to enter). Fill out a bracket and pick a charity. If you win, you get $250 for yourself and $250 for your charity. This year we have another list of great charities that we are playing for. Here is the list of them:

Stay tuned to our Facebook page for more information throughout the tournament on these charities as well as the standings of our pool!