Why an IT Company?

I was asked recently to write a blog entry about why I chose to start an IT company. Was this my dream from when I was a kid or something? As my mom can attest, I always talked about being a businessman and growing up always pretended I was running my own business. Back then it was selling baseball cards or designing and operating my own golf course. So I always had the business gene. What I didn’t have though is the Technology gene (and still don’t really). If you ranked the technology aptitude of the individuals working for integrateIT, I would fall near the bottom of the list. Although I know I would fall ahead of Dave so I have that going for me.

What Dave and I have as opposed to the technology gene is the opportunity gene. We both have a skill at identifying an opportunity and making the most of it. We can identify a need a customer has and deliver on that need. We do this by providing the customer exactly what they are asking for and with a great attitude and energy. For me it was a customer that requested that I come back to work for her to lead a program. That request lit the light bulb in my head that she was specifically requesting ME to lead that program…and that it wouldn’t matter which company I worked for. That was it. There was nothing more to it…11 years later here I am.

Is this my dream job? I would say that running my own company and working for my self is absolutely my dream job but that the type of business I run is not necessarily. As I mentioned before I have never really had the technology gene and so that continues to be something I work on and try to improve upon. I still call my brother anytime I have IT questions myself (HE has the IT gene in the family). Running this company is something that I believe I have gotten good at and so I will continue to grow it for as long as I can until it is time for me to start my next endeavor. What that is…who knows. I still have many other aspirations that I may try to pursue someday (Sr PGA professional, house flipper, politician to name a few). I laugh at the thought that I would actually be able to do any of these…but then again I am sure I laughed back in the day at the thought that I would run a company as well.


A Successful Night for Charity


Our winner showing over her stack of chips and her Club Level seats to the Redskins game! Our runner up showing the Agony of Defeat!

This past Friday we held our first ever Charity Poker Tournament to raise money for two great charities (The Jason Beach Foundation and the Washington Literacy Center). Putting on this tournament turned out to be a lot more work than I expected it to be and heading into the event I really wasn’t sure if it would all be worth it. Well, we found out quickly that it was.

All of the participants seemed to have a great time as they enjoyed the open bar, the buffet, the poker, and the conversations at the poker tables and around the room. Some even ended the night by enjoying some dancing in an adjoining room at the club!

Since the event I have had several people come up to me to comment on how much fun it was and request that we hold another one in the future. Done.

A big challenge for Dave and I is to always try to be creative when planning events to try to pick events that can be enjoyed by all types of people. We have held Iron Chef cooking contests, bowling parties, Top Golf outings, Happy Hours, attended Nationals games, Redskins games among other charity events like cleaning up students laptops at the Literacy Center, charity walks, making care packages for soldiers. To me the perfect events are ones where we can combine having a fun night with raising money or helping out charities. That’s exactly what we got with the poker night. Everyone had a blast and Dave and I were able to present both charities with checks that we know will be put to great use. I am already looking forward to an even bigger and better poker night next year!