A Big Change

As the calendar turns to 2019, we at integrateIT have made some significant changes. As you most likely  have read in the papers and seen all over the internet (that’s a joke), I have decided to turn over the reigns of the company to David Baldini. This move has been in the works for well over a year now and has gone seamlessly as anticipated. The mere thought of this transition would have kept me awake at night years ago but as the clock struck midnight on December 31st, I was completely at peace with the move as I know it was the right decision for me, my family, Dave, and integrateIT. 

As Dave takes over the company, I know that integrateIT is not only in good hands but also in the right hands. Dave has worked incredibly hard to keep integrateIT moving in the right direction and has led us to tremendous growth since he has joined the company in 2006 especially these past few years. He has completely bought into the vision I had for integrateIT since day 1 and will continue to execute on that vision as he takes over the reigns. He also has some great help in the rest of our Leadership team with Doug Dewan who will also now be taking an ownership stake in the company and Allen Chang. Dave and I have and will continue to work great together and one thing I want to make clear in this message is that there was never anything that has changed between our relationship that caused me to step back. In fact, quite the contrary. Because of the trust and admiration I have for Dave, I am able to make this move without the slightest bit of concern for the future of integrateIT.

Dave asked me to write a blog entry since he knows I despise writing (and he often reminds me how terrible I am at it). I figured I would use it explain how I arrived at my decision and what my plans are now that I’m “retiring”. I guess that is the first thing I should get out there. I am definitely not retiring. I am still going to remain a minority owner of integrateIT and my immediate plans are to continue to serve as an employee of the company as well in support of clients and their mission. The purpose of this move however was to have an exit strategy in place so that I can begin to keep my eyes open for my next challenge. Having integrateIT in capable hands will allow me to pursue my next venture when it presents itself and not be concerned with what happens with the company. This move is really a chance for me to take a step back mentally more than anything. I started integrateIT in 2004 and never in my wildest dreams did I think it would grow into what it is today. We are closing in on 40 employees, have over 10 contracts, and are coming off of our best year financially.

These 15 years growing integrateIT have been extremely rewarding for me but have also been emotionally draining and stressful (especially for my wife and kids who get to deal with my stress). It’s been a grind and I’m ready for a break. I am excited to take this opportunity to slow down a bit with regards to integrateIT. I am also excited to see where integrateIT goes under Dave’s leadership. Most importantly though I am excited for whatever the future brings for myself and my family. My eyes and ears are open for whatever the next opportunity may be. I have many interests and I have often considered what it would be like to pursue a second career in one of them. Charities? Real Estate? Sports? Investing? Politics?….OK well maybe not all of my interests would be worth pursuing.


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