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As a part of our Corporate New Year’s Resolution we have decided to make it a point to restart our blogs, and add a few new ones that will be done by a few employees for a new perspective. We have received a lot of feedback that people are actually reading what we write and enjoying it (I have no idea why). At any rate, today seemed as good a day as any to unearth the blog as we await a potential government shutdown (I feel like this may have been the topic of my last blog as well).

As Yogi Berra once said, “it seems like deja vu all over again”. Politicians holding our government hostage over items that are unrelated to a budget and willing to bring the entire system to a halt to make political points. I can’t help but wonder, would we be here if these same politicians had something at stake in this game beside votes? As a small business owner whose primary customer is the Government our entire company will be shut down. No revenues, no new work, no paychecks. For our employees that means not knowing when you will next be paid, not knowing if you will be able to take that summer vacation you were planning, and not knowing how you will pay your bills should this shutdown linger. I can assure you that we all care a great deal. For Congress however, they will still get paid and thus have no motivation to actually compromise. We are viewed as pawns in their game.

Seeing as how we have come to the brink several times over the past few months, its funny how with each passing deadline the public seems less and less interested in the topic. And who can blame them. When you live and work in the political bubble, you sometimes think everyone cares about this nonsense like you are forced to. I think Congress is guilty of this as well and that is what is causing a lot of these issues.

Here’s to hoping for sanity to prevail and a resolution to this budget showdown. But more importantly here’s to hoping for a future where our elected leaders can act like real everyday Americans where we can agree to disagree on certain topics and we can still accomplish things together even when we have different ideas as to how things should get done. In the real world we don’t get everything we want and we can live with compromise and not view it as a defeat!


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