Setting Goals

Today marks what I consider to be the official start to 2014 from a company perspective. It’s the day we hold our first All Hands meeting of the year (followed by our first Happy Hour of the year!). At this meeting Dave and I will review the year we just completed and review which of our goals we met and which of them we failed to meet. Last year we had about 15 goals that we set for ourselves and we met about 10 of them. If we were playing baseball, that average would land us in the hall of fame. Unfortunately for us though we don’t play baseball (I’m too small and Dave couldn’t swing a bat if his life depended upon it). I view 10 of 15 as mediocre at best. These goals we set are a mix of easy to attain and some that were a big reach to meet but make no mistake about it, we want to meet them all. In 2013 there were several reasons why we missed a few of those goals that were outside of our control (sequestration and a 3 week shutdown) but that doesn’t make a difference to us…we missed them and need to work harder to meet more of our goals this year.

After a long meeting this past weekend, Dave and I came up with what we believe are a very good set of goals for 2014. We are excited to share them with our employees today and then with their help work as hard as we possibly can in 2014 to meet ALL of those goals.

To me, setting goals is a very important part of running a business. It’s something I have done since the very first year I started integrateIT and it is the best way for us to look back at the end of each year to measure how we did. The point of setting these goals is not to create a set of goals that are all easy to attain so we can check the box at the end of the year and say “job well done”. The point for me is to set goals that provide a target for us that particular year. It’s important to me that many of these goals are reach goals that will take a great deal of work to attain. This will truly provide a sense of accomplishment then when you look back and realize what you have done.

The reason we look forward to this meeting is because it gives us a chance to share our vision for the coming year with our employees and then get their feedback on that vision. For us to attain these goals it needs to be a team effort. We have some big things to accomplish in 2014 and today is the official start!


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