The First Half of 2013

We are now more than halfway through the year and to sum it up in a word …Frustrating. It has been a year unlike any other for us in our ten years in business. I believe this year has not only been frustrating for Dave and I but also for our staff. For Dave and I it has been frustrating because we have a lot of goals we want to achieve for the company; Work we want to pursue, growth targets we want to reach, etc. For our staff it has been frustrating because it has been 6 months riddled with unknowns and uncertainty.

Many different elements have caused these frustrations but mostly the budget situation in Washington, the Sequester causing a lot of anxiety on the part of our staff because they didn’t know if their jobs would be safe from day to day, rising health care costs (32% hike in premiums), as well as delays to many of the contracts we are on, or contracts we were bidding on. All of these things together have added up to a pretty frustrating few months.

However, since I try to be a glass half full kind of guy (sometimes), I am trying to put a positive spin on the first 6 months. We are still essentially the same sized company we were when the year began. Most companies in this region cannot say the same. We have begun a new relationship with a great organization (Washington Literacy Center) and continued to be involved with existing groups (mainly George Mason University). We have also submitted more proposals thus far in 2013 then we had this time in 2012 and we had options picked up on both of our prime contracts for next year. We have just finished a rollout of a brand new intranet that is such a huge improvement on our prior site. We had two awesome team building events (iron chef and computer repair night at the WLC) and have 2 more coming up in the next month or two (company picnic and Nationals game).

So yes, it’s been a long first half of the year. And yes, as my wife can attest I am already counting down the days to our vacation at the end of August. But, we have largely weathered the storm this year which many others can not say the same. 2013 will still prove to be a year of growth for us over 2012. It is just a year with less successes than we are accustomed to….maybe that just means that we set a pretty hight bar for ourselves.


1 thought on “The First Half of 2013

  1. Washington Business Journal’s Best Companies to Work For list… but we’re already pushing to be higher on it next year!

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