#18 Best Place to Work

Last week we attended the Washington Business Journals award ceremony for the Best Companies to Work for in Washington DC. It was a great event, much bigger than I was expecting. It was a great opportunity to meet other business owners and network and more importantly it was a great opportunity to celebrate a job well done and a lot of hard work paid off. For us this was 10 years in the making. Since I started integrateIT, my goal was to have a company that people wanted to work for. We built it around a strong belief that our staff is our most valuable resource and I believe we do a good job of staying true to that value. Sometimes I am told by one of our employees how much they appreciate what we do for them or the benefits we provide them with but being recognized with an award like this makes us KNOW our employees feel that way.

As happy as we were to receive this award, as soon as we found out we had been ranked #18 among small businesses, Dave and I immediately faced each other and we were both thinking the exact same thing. How do we do better next year? Are we proud to be on the list? Absolutely…it’s a great accomplishment. There were over 400 companies that were considered for this award. It was a great accomplishment. This company went through a period where we were complacent and just happy to be around and doing well. Not any more. We don’t just want to be ONE of the best companies to work for. We want to be THE best company to work for. So we celebrated for that afternoon and then got back to work, thinking of new ideas for events we could hold for our staff, new ways to get more people involved, new ways to train our future leaders etc. This award served as a recognition of what we have been doing but it also serves as a motivation for us to do even better.


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