Director of Talent Management

At integrateIT, our most important asset is our people. Yeah I know everyone says that. But we truly believe that we treat our people that way. Starting with our benefits package, all the way to our involvement with  employees charities they are involved with outside of the office to our newest addition, the Director of talent Management. This is the title that was decided on for the person that manages our staff.

We believe that this is a unique setup that not many companies offer and that our staff loves. We implemented it early in 2012 after we received feedback at the end of 2011 that the way we had our HR set up was not in adding much, if any benefit to our staff. They felt a lot of the policies and procedures did little to aid them and that the communication from us as a company was inconsistent. We now have a year under our belt with this setup so we can speak based on real results. At integrateIT, our goal is that every person be able to make the company whatever it is they want in a company. Jacquay, our current Director of Talent Management sits down to meet with all new employees when they join us to get an idea of what it is they desire from us as a company and how we can help them achieve their goals, both short term as well as long term.

Jacquay will play whatever role that the individual wants him to play. Some people do not want the company involved in their career. They know exactly what they want to do and how to get there. We do not force help upon those people. Other people however welcome our assistance, some looking for a mentor, or an action plan on how to achieve their goals. These goals can be for a future within our company as well as some people that even have a desire to one day start their own company.

Jacquay meets with people as needed but always keeps in touch to see how things are going. He has incentives that are tied to employee retention which is always our #1 goal as a company. The only requirement of our staff is to submit a monthly status report outlining what they are working on as well as any issues they are facing that we may be able to help with. Before this position was put in place we still required status reports to be submitted but had about a 10% submission rate and received little to no information that was useful to management. Today after a year of the new program I am ecstatic to say that we have over a 95% submission rate and have been able to assist several people these past few months with issues they were encountering on their projects. I believe the turnaround is due to the fact that it comes more from a standpoint of us looking to help as opposed to playing a role of big brother. It has also helped that we frequently follow up to discuss items that were raised in status reports so people know we are using them.

We couldn’t be happier with the current setup of how we are helping our staff to manage their careers and based on feedback from the staff they are pretty happy with the setup as well.


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