Happy New Year

It’s crazy for me to think that we are entering our 9th year of business at integrateIT. As with every new year we look forward to the coming year and the challenges that it brings. We also take this time to look back upon the year we have just completed. One of the things I have made a practice of over the years is setting goals for the company. Next week, Dave and I will sit down and review 2012 and see how we did based on the goals we set for ourselves last year and then come up with our goals for 2013.

Prior to doing so we solicit ideas from within the company to see if anyone has any goals they would like to see us pursue as a company. We believe it is important that our employees feel like they are a part of this goal setting process. Once Dave and I have developed the goals for 2013 we will go over them with everyone. Most of these goals will need much support in order to achieve them so no sense in keeping people in the dark as to what the company goals are. It also helps to make everyone feel like they are more a part of this organization.

Last year we set what we believed would be some very difficult goals to achieve and we met 90% of them. This year we are going to really try to push ourselves and set stretch goals. If we don’t meet them all that’s OK. We believe it is important that this goal setting exercise is not merely just that..an exercise. Without having clear goals for the company for the coming year you have no way of really looking back to see if you were successful or not that year. We think of them as sort of New Years resolutions for the company. So as you begin this new year, I urge you to set clear goals that can be measured so that when the year ends you are able to look back and decide for yourself if you had a good year or not. It will also help you identify areas where you need to improve.


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