Update on our Prime Contract

It’s been awhile since my last update mainly because I have been busy getting us all set up at our new client site. Yesterday was the first day I actually felt settled in. We now have our computers and phones set up and are starting to be recognized around the halls as a part of the team as opposed to the new people sitting in the back of the meetings. The transition was largely uneventful which is a good thing. Going through this entire process has really driven home for me that we have come a long way over the past few years as far as organizational maturity goes and we really can do this just like the big guys.

Our new team members will get to meet the rest of the company today at our quarterly all hands meeting which will be followed by a celebratory happy hour. I am very excited for everyone to meet the new staff and I know the new staff is very excited to meet the rest of the company. Our next big challenge is to make sure that they feel like a part of the special company we have built even though they will be working 30 miles away from the rest of the staff and for an entirely different client.


Geoff is the CEO of integrateIT (http://www.integrateit.net). integrateIT strives to provide innovative solutions to organizations within the public and private sectors in the Washington, DC metro area and beyond. We aim to supply clients with qualified, energetic resources that foster both a winning team attitude and a wealth of technical and management expertise. integrateIT strives to add value to clients by successfully completing projects within budget, scope, and schedule requirements.


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