The Waiting Game

So it’s now a few months since we submitted our proposal to the government. We have submitted the proposal, been brought in for a 3 hour oral presentation, been asked follow up questions and then………*crickets*. We have literally heard NOTHING and it is consuming us.

A few days ago we called because work is scheduled to begin on October 1st and we were told COB Tuesday. That was now 2 days ago and still …NOTHING. We are at the mercy of the client and we are literally sitting around hitting refresh on our email and checking the fax machine non stop.

We have a list of items we want to tackle next but they are all on hold until we hear the decision on this award. We don’t want to start all these new projects only to have to put them all on hold if we find out we somehow won this thing. It’s actually amazing how our mindsets have changed throughout the process. What started with us just “tossing our hat into the ring” has now turned to us sitting by thinking we may actually somehow win. It’s actually pretty exciting for us and shows us how far we have come since our miserable failed attempt at a prime contract 3 years ago. Our documents have improved so much, our maturity as an organization has improved so much and apparently the clients are noticing since we have made it this far. So now back to waiting …..and waiting….


Geoff is the CEO of integrateIT ( integrateIT strives to provide innovative solutions to organizations within the public and private sectors in the Washington, DC metro area and beyond. We aim to supply clients with qualified, energetic resources that foster both a winning team attitude and a wealth of technical and management expertise. integrateIT strives to add value to clients by successfully completing projects within budget, scope, and schedule requirements.


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