The Big Proposal

Last night we put the finishing touches on a few weeks of non stop work on a proposal we have been hard at work on. A few months back we were contacted by a government client to come and talk to them about our capabilities. Apparently they liked what they heard as they requested that we bid on this proposal. Usually you get about a month to turn these things around. This time however we were given 12 days. Once we got past our initial shock, we got to work.

Due to the fact that it was such a quick turnaround, we knew we would need help and so we reached out to our staff and not only were we not disappointed we were beyond impressed with the way they stepped up and contributed. We had people stay up all ours of the night to write documents for us, people sitting in a conference room brainstorming for entire days, people creating graphics for our documents before leaving their houses for personal commitments, editing documents for us, updating resumes for us, referring candidates for employment and generally just offering their support. I can’t overstate how much this meant to us to see this level of interest and contribution.

Now that the dust is starting to settle and I actually had a decent night sleep last night I can now start to look back and see what we just accomplished. Win or lose, the product we delivered was top notch and when I compare it to what we submitted 3 years ago at our last prime contract bid it shows me we have come light years from where we were at that point. We are a much more mature organization now and it’s largely in part to the people that work for us and their willingness to get involved.

All that is left now is an oral presentation next week and then we wait….but its nice to be able to sit and wait knowing that we put our best foot forward and submitted the absolute best product we could have and it was a true team effort. Way to go team!


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