Social Media

It’s impossible to go to a company’s website nowadays without seeing those little icons somewhere on the page linking you to the Facebook page or their Twitter feed.

We decided about 6 months ago that we needed to join the club and have those icons on our website as well. At that time I had no false hopes of what it would mean for us. I didn’t try to convince myself or anyone else that by being on Facebook we would be able to hire people because they loved our Facebook page, I also didn’t think we could attract a new business partner because they followed us on twitter. The goals were simple, for Facebook, share some company news with people we know as it arose. For Twitter, periodically post a news article or a story about project management (our niche) and see what happens. Success would be if 6 months out we logged into one of those sites and we had a post that was less than a week old. We succeeeded, great now what?

I was told by several people that LinkedIn was a great source of recruiting. I still to this day disagree. I feel I have given Linkedin a fair shot and I still do not get the purpose of this website. I feel like I must be missing something. I go on, I “Link” up wth someone…and that’s that. I have joined recruiting “groups” on the site and all that I have seen from these groups are daily spam filling up my inbox. I get requests to Link Up with recruiters who want me to then pay them to recruit for my company. Hardly what I had in mind.

At any rate, we will continue to have a presence on these social media sites. In 2012, we are going to try to come up with some new ways of expanding our presence on Facebook and Twitter as I think there is some potential there. We have actually assigned one of our employees to work on this in 2012 to see what we can do here.

As far as LinkedIn goes, if anyone has any ideas on things I may be missing please do share because I feel like I must be missing out on something….although I have yet to meet someone that can show me proof they have hired people from this site.


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