Happy New Year

New Years Day. I got up early (as if I had a choice with 3 boys 5 and under) and got a nice workout in to start the year off right. My personal goal this year is to get in better shape and get in some sort of a routine with respect to my exercising. From a company standpoint one thing I make a habit of for each of the 7 years that we have been in business is to make sort of New Years Resolutions for integrateIT.

In the past when we were smaller I would actually make up a powerpoint presentation outlining what we accomplished in the prior year and then my goals for the company in the coming year. In that presentation i would also look at the prior years goals and mark them as achieved or not. This exercise is actually quite simple but is a way to hold myself accountable for the goals I set. I don’t have shareholders or stock analysts holding me accountable for the promises I have made so this is one small way I can do that for myself.

As my company has grown I have found that these are great things to share with my employees as they are interested in seeing how we did the prior year as well as our plans for that coming year. It also allows them to contribute to meeting those goals if they know what they are. I make sure that these goals are not financial goals as I don’t need to share those types of goals with everyone but rather measurable goals that are a stretch but also attainable. I have not yet presented this years tot he staff so I won’t steal the thunder here but 2 examples that we will have this coming year are to hire 5 new employees and to close a contract with a new government agency we don’t currently do business with.

As you can see both are easily measurable and for anyone that works in the industry we work in you also know these will require some work to achieve.

2011 was an awesome year for integrateIt during some very tough economic times. For that it may have been the year I am most proud of to date. We look forward to a great 2012 and wish all of you the same success in 2012 and beyond!


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