Allow me to Introduce Myself

For those of you that don’t know me my name is Geoff Keller and I am the President and CEO of integrateIT LLC. You have probably never heard of us because we are a very small company located in Northern Virginia. But we have been an extremely successful IT company entering our 8th year of business. Over these past 7 years I have learned a great deal about owning and operating a small business and lately a lot of people have been asking me for advice about starting or running a company and so I have decided to start a blog to share my thoughts and maybe exchange ideas with other small business  owners as well.

So who am I and how did I get here? I graduated from RPI in 1998 and got a job with General Electric in their Information Management Leadership Program at their HQ in Fairfield, CT. After completion I moved to Virginia to follow my college sweetheart Katie who had a job in the area (ExxonMobil). I held a few jobs in the government consulting industry down here and then took the leap in 2004 and started integrateIT. I will fill you in on details of how I started and grew the company as well as the lessons I have learned along the way.

Outside of integrateIT I am a father of 3 boys and a huge NY sports fan (except for the Jets and Mets as I don’t consider them NY sports teams). I enjoy spending time with my wife and kids playing golf and I am always challenged with the management of my time between all of these things.(another topic I will tackle later)

Like I said before I have decided to start this blog primarily because recently I have found myself being asked for a lot of advice on being a small business owner and after doing it now for 7 years I actually think I have some decent information that I can share with people. In addition, a major goal for me this coming year is to reduce my stress levels and for some stupid reason I think that by writing my thoughts down it will help with that. I am sure that will be proven wrong within weeks. The goal of this blog is not to talk about specific issues within my company but rather share general lessons learned about being a small business owner in a world dominated by big business. That being said, I will certainly not pass up a chance to brag about my company as it presents itself.

Well here goes….my first blog. I have no false hopes that this thing gets huge or anything but I hope the few that do follow enjoy it.


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